mentorship- My personal Experience

Wednesday, June 23, 2021

There are things I did while growing up that when I remember today, I say to myself, dude, you must have been a good man in your past life to deserve such divine guidance.
One of such is choosing friends and mentors.
I did not choose my friends, I rather allowed my friends to choose me. Well, it might not be the conventional but that's what worked for me. I am not good at making friends but am good at keeping friends who want to be my friend. lol.
It isn't anything special, it's just because am so bad at visiting friends and spending time in their house-thanks to my Dad. So I developed this comfort in my little space that I can stay in my room with my phone and laptop for one week without going out...well, that's a story for another day.
About choosing mentors, I was a bit different in the way I approached it.


Rather than allow my mentors to choose me, I was very particular about the type of people I wanted to influence my life. And funny enough, this wasn't because of any teaching or advice I received from someone. Although, one may liken it to be as a result of the influence from the books I read in my lonely space but I would consider it a result of Divine guidance as am not even that much a voracious reader. While I sought for mentors, I looked deligently for people that aligned with my beliefs and have the traits of what I wanted in life. It was not a coincidence that my brother recommended my godfather and that was a great start for me. This goes ahead to point the influence of family on the positive development of the child. My godfather is such a great mentor and I would consider him one of the greatest things that happened to me as a young teenager. I love him for his kindness, calm and caring nature and he plays no compromise for integrity. He is a few years older than I am and due to his friendly disposition, he created this paddy-paddy relationship between us and I felt very comfortable to speak to him about anything, I mean anything at all. Thus, it wasn't like a father-son relationship. He didn't know, but I watched him and wanted to be like him when I grow up🤣. That explains why I didn't hesitate to choose Medical Radiography as my course of study in the University despite that my family wanted me to study medicine or pharmacy.

Meanwhile, to me, life is all about living, and helping the people around me. I was brought up in the ways of the Roman Catholic church and I remain a strong devotee to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. As a young child, the name Baba-edem was well registered in my memory. I saw him as a generous man who really wants to help his stuggling community, he would donate to the church every now and then, support the widows and help everyone in anyway he can. His act of charity motivated me. I felt that if we had more people like Babe-Edem, people who were not just interested in there personal pockets but in the interest of the communities, our world would be a better place. So I aspired to be like him. Not just to he rich but to be able to help the community as well-just like him. Though he was open and accessible I always watched him from a distance. I never had the chance of meeting him until later. Baba-edem became my mentor in the aspect of charity and through him, I learnt that to be able to help and make influence, you need money and in order to make money, you need to work hard. He was constantly in touch with me through his Facebook media handle, phone and text while in school and that was a great motivation to me as well.

There are great people touching and influencing lives silently who you may not know about. Many believe in the concept of the Holy book to do their charity silently. Many of them I have come in contact with and others too numerous to mention. My point is, we are blessed with great people. People who may not be too rich but are committed to the positive development of others.
It was in my search for these silent helpers that I came to know about Domark Health and Education Foundation-DOHEF.
DOHEF, a non governmental organization founded by ACG. Dominic Asogwa popularly know as Domark. Domark became one of the men who had had the greatest positive influence in my life and the lives of many youths. In him (Domark) I have seen the marks of true leadership. He practicaly shows why and how politicians are not leaders. A civil servant who is so much committed to the welbeing and the interest of the common person.   Domark became my mentor in the area of Leadership and humanitarian service (watch the video below to discover the power of visionary leadership). 

Dom-ARK foundation like the Ark of Genesis 6 which served as a source of hope, saving vessel and an object of restoration for the new world is infact doing the same act of saving, helping, structuring, restoring and guiding the youths towards a positive path in life.

Research shows that the presence of positive adult role models is the building block for healthy youth development. The first step of cubbing the negative morals ravaging our world today is not by fighting crimes but by preventing it. Prevention they say is better than cure. I am particularly proud of the work Domark Health and Education Foundation is doing setting youths on the right path towards achieving their potentials.
DOHEF have developed a mentorship program which aims to give youths a positive push in life towards the right direction. I have benefited so much from having mentors around me, I have no doubt you will too. These days, it is becoming increasingly difficult as one transitions from tennage age to adulthood.
DOHEF have seasoned mentors who are ready to guide you through life challenges and offer you the advise you need. DOHEF is also open to receiving mentors who are ready to partner with them in this course of shaping lives. So, if you think you can help in anyway, please get in touch.

To join the DOHEF mentorship program click here

Ogochukwu Faithywrote
Saturday, August 7, 2021, 16:27
Thank you Sir. Mich for this wonderful piece. Mentorship is very important especially at the youthful stage. Many youths have missed it in life because there was no one to guide them, especially those whose parents are not always there to guide them. One of the problems of mentorship and mentee is that sometimes, the relationship becomes weakend, especially when the mentor is always busy and does not make out time again for the mentee. The relationship gradually dies and the goal is compromised. Eventually, the importance of mentorship can not be over emphasised.