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We do hope that through these courses we will help you achieve your dreams of learning something new, contribute to helping you achieve your personal and career growth objectives and ultimately making the world a better place for all...Happy learning.

Course for the week

The course below is what we are taking for the week. If you experience any difficulty or challenge accessing the course, report back to the group. we will be more than happy to assist you...happy learning

Personal Character Development

The most valuable component of leadership is not power, position, influence, notoriety, fame, talent, gifting, dynamic oratory, persuasiveness, intellectual superiority, academic achievement, or management skills. It is character
Character is the cradle of credibility for the leader. Without the element of strong, noble, honorable character, leadership and all its potential achievements are in danger of cancellation. Every leader is only as safe and secure as his character. I offer this book as a resource on this often-neglected aspect of leadership, which is personal but also extremely practical. Having a foundation of ethics is central to the success and longevity of one’s leadership...Dr. Myles Munroe
....Happy Learning.

Understanding Youth Development

Youth development is a very critical stage of human development. It is a period of critical decision making, influence and learning.
To build a healthy and self-reliant society, a great deal of intentional investment needs to go into youth development.
It is often said that one cannot give what one does not have. Since many people did not have the privilege of being mentored or guided during their youth development, we have prepared this short course from Yali youth workbook to provide you with some of the critical points of youth development, preparing you to be the best youth mentor you can be.

....Happy Learning.

Developing Healthy Networking Skills

Meeting people and developing a healthy relationship is something that is not usually easy for most people.
For some people, the difficulty is about getting to actually meet the person but the real hard nut to crack can be about maintaining the relation after you have met them. 
Healthy networks can be helpful in many ways. Nothing in life goes smoothly without an element of human relationship.

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Everything we do in life requires some elements of human relationships. Whether you are a student, business person, civil servant or entrepreneur you are not an island.
My Dad used to say that, the best family works as a team. 
To effectively carry out a task, we are regularly required to work within a team. Most of the stressful situations we experience at work, school, business and life, in general, is usually because of our inability or someone else's inability to work within a team. 
This course will offer you an introduction to team building and help you develop the required knowledge and skills to work within a team to successfully achieve a set goal. 

...Happy learning


Attitude according to Keith Harrell is everything. A positive attitude determines to a great extent your overall quality of life. Attitude is everything because it is involved in everything. It impacts our performance at work and our relationships. Attitude is the cornerstone upon which we build our lives. This course will help you build a positive attitude.

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How do you feel about yourself? Do you have a positive image of yourself? This course will help you develop a positive image about yourself.

Time management

Even though we have 24hours a day, sometimes it appears the time is not enough to achieve all the goals we set to achieve within a day. Despite the fact that some people struggle to meet their daily targets, others do achieve all their set goals with ease. What could be their secret? Read through this short presentation to find out how to manage your time effectively.

Learning effective communication Skills

Communication is at the heart of everything we do in life. Learning how to communicate effectively will improve your relationship with others, it will also help avoid potential misunderstanding and aid conflict resolution. Take few minutes to view the slides that follow to learn the basics of effective communication

week 1 Course

Developing, Mentoring and Supporting Youth Leadership

This course will help you understand what leadership and mentorship mean, mentor and mentee relationship and expectations. This is the first step to your leadership and mentorship journey. I encourage you to be attentive and take this course to the end.
...Happy learning.