Domark Health and Education Foundation is an NGO geared towards developing humanity. Our aim is to transform lives positively through scholarships & grants, creation of Job opportunities, organizing skill acquisition programs, leadership training, offering advice on migration and other related issues, paying for hospital bills for the poor and organizing medical outreaches. Domark Health and Education Foundation have been operating successfully as an independent charity since its inception in 2008. Over the years, we have welcomed a large number of people as guests from across our communities. We have no doubt our work has inspired, challenged and most importantly brought about positive changes in the lives of our youths. We are particularly proud of our record of setting young people on a new path towards fulfilling their potential and taking a positive role in their communities through education. Without this support (from our President) many are at risk of falling into negative cycles of behaviour and not getting the new start in life they deserve. The need for this work is increasing with the big rise in youth unemployment and the recent economic crisis ravaging our country today.