2020/2021 DOHEF Scholarship

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Domark Health and Education Foundation

List of shortlisted candidates for the 2020/2021 DOHEF Scholarship Scheme

Sequel to your application for a scholarship with our noble Organization, we are glad to inform you that we will be progressing your application to the second stage.
Domark Health and Education Foundation is committed to helping you achieve your full potential by giving you the necessary support that you need. We believe that in doing this, we are giving back to the community and helping to cultivate a well established and self-reliant society where people have access to better health and quality education in a conducive environment. 
If you are able to progress your application to the next stage, you will be required to fill an online form. It is important you demonstrate how you will help DOHEF achieve her Mission and Vission statements. 
Congratulations to the following students who made it through the first stage. 
You are required to click the "progress" link below to fill your form.

  1. Odilichidera Valentine (Medicine, University of Uyo)
  2.  Omeje Victor Chimezie (Accountancy, University of Nigeria, Enugu Campus)
  3.  Asogwa Rita Chiamaka (Community Health, College of nursing science/ technology Nsukka)
  4. Ugwu John Paul Chukwudi (Pharmacy, UNN)
  5. Ezema Destiny (Pharmacy, UNN)
  6. Ugwuja Faith Ogochukwu (Nursing Sc, Nnamdi Azikiwe University)
Update: Application process completed. visit DOHEF home page to see the successful candidates...